MsingiPACK Download

Download and install the latest release of MsingiPACK using the installation files below. Note that you will need a valid license serial to activate in order to use the product.

Please find information on how to obtain a valid license of a product of your choice. Click here 


Product Name Version Last Updated Size Download Actions Release Notes
MsingiPACK for Upper Primary Class 6,7 & 8 Windows Version 4.10.6 30/09/2019 351 MB    Download Version 4.10.6
MsingiPACK Junior for Lower Primary Grade 1, 2 & 3 Windows Version 5.0.0 20/11/2019 1.1 GB    Download Version 5.0.0
MsingiPACK for Upper Primary class 6,7,& 8 Android Version 2.5.2 30/09/2019 231 MB    Download Version 2.5.2
MsingiPACK Junior for Lower Primary Grade 1, 2 & 3 Android Version 4.0.0 20/11/2019 1.4 GB    Download Version 4.0.0








Installing/Updating Your Product

We release revised versions of our products from time to time, adding new features and fixing any bugs detected.

Please check the version you are currently running (see how to check version) install the latest release of the same program, do the following:

Download the installation file for the product above you are using and save it on your computer.
Double click on the installation file you downloaded to install the new program.
Launch/Run the new program  from the icon created.
Note: In order to start using the new product you must activate.  Please click here and follow instructions on how to obtain the new license.


 MsingiPACK for Upper Primary Windows version.

MsingiPACK  for Upper Primary Android version.


MsingiPACK Junior Lower Primary Windows version

MsingiPACK Junior Lower Primary  Android version